LemonMelon is made up of e, l, m, n, o's, reluctant to form the word Lemon or Melon. The name LemonMelon therefore intends to capture this moment of anagrammatical hesitation.

Thus, LemonMelon as a form of publishing and research, practices this methodology of anagrammatical hesitation, aiming to form a language of publishing read in its own fundamental ambivalence and put into communication with other – sometimes contradictory conceptions – of the word. Every publication hence aims to re-situate itself within this anagrammatical texture ie. going beyond its own intentional structure.

LemonMelon is an independent non-profit publishing project. It was founded in 2010 by Marit, who has over ten years experience in publishing. LemonMelon primary means of production is a RZ 370 Risograph.