3 September – 3 October 2010

Events / Actions / Publications / Writings are now invited for
The Festival Of Nearly Invisible Publishing

All festival events will be self-organised by participants anywhere in the world. Relevant forms of documentation and provocation (text / image / sound / movie / other), should then be submitted to The Pigeon Wing gallery, where they will be displayed and archived as part of Writing / Exhibition / Publication, a month long residency and exhibition at the gallery by VerySmallKitchen.

There is no project brief beyond this document. We are interested in receiving evidence of whatever you feel should be part of The Festival of Nearly Invisible Publishing. Please interpret this phrase however you wish. Critical and other essays are also welcome. The full festival of the program will be published when it is over. A Festival of Nearly Invisible Publishing celebration will also be held. Please note that submissions of completely and / or conventionally visible publishing will not be accepted. There are other outlets more appropriate for such work.

Submissions may be made at any time during the festival. Advance notices of events are also welcome. Please send to verysmallkitchen@gmail.com, including a 50 –100 word statement on how your contribution relates to the theme, along with credits for festival documentation. Postal submissions should be sent to The Festival of Nearly Invisible Publishing, c/o The Pigeon Wing, Top Floor (front), Guild House, Rollins Street, London SE15 1EP, United Kingdom

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

The Festival Of Nearly Invisible Publishing is co-organised by LemonMelon, VerySmallKitchen, and The Pigeon Wing.